Our Team


Saleem Javed


He is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of international business success. He has more than 27 years of experience. He had worked as Founder and Owner. As Chief Executive Officer of Energy Harvesting Wearable Tech, Mr. Javed aims to serve as the figurative head, by utilizing his excellent years of managerial experience and knowledge to bring the company to success within the Canadian market.


Bashrahil, Ohoud Abobaker S


She is a self-motivated, highly experienced business owner/manager with 15+ years of work experience and extensive commercial and residential real estate knowledge. She had worked as Entrepreneur, Founder, and Real Estate Administrator. As Chief Operating Officer of Energy Harvesting Wearable Tech, Ms. Bashrahil’s proven record of leading companies to profitable success will prove valuable, as she assists the CEO in day-to-day operations to bring EHW Tech’s ability to thrive in Canada.


Isha Kaur Uberoi


She is a highly accomplished, and results-driven professional with 23 years of international experience developing and managing brands, operations, strategy, and marketing. She is a hospitality and marketing professional. She had worked as Head of Brand Management and Marketing and Partner/Owner. As Chief Marketing Officer of Energy Harvesting Wearable Tech, Ms. Uberoi’s eagerness to excel and in-depth knowledge of people management, leadership, and marketing will be vital for EHW Tech’s ability to thrive in Canada.

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